Skillset Senior College is an innovative Senior School with a focus on well being and personal achievement.

Skillset Senior College is based on the Alesco learning model, created by training organisation WEA Hunter. They started the first Alesco School in Newcastle in 2002. The educational model still operates today, and has grown to include seven other Alesco schools throughout NSW, facilitating the success of hundreds of young people every year. 

Skillset Senior College opened its doors in January 2015 at The Flannery Centre, Bathurst NSW.


Who is the School for?

Skillset Senior College features an adult learning environment, small class sizes and a high teacher to student ratio. Maximum class sizes are set at no more than 17 students. 

Skillset Senior College is approved by the NSW Board of Studies (BOSTES) to offer       Years10-12.

How is it Different?

There are some important differences in approach with the Alesco model. Skillset Senior College offers students the opportunity to complete their senior schooling in a small, supportive environment which focuses on assistance to meet individual student needs.

Smaller class sizes, staff working with students to develop an individual approach to learning, and partnerships with a range of local community support organisations will work with the school to provide a holistic school experience in a beautiful physical environment at the Flannery Centre in Bathurst.

Important differences:

  • The student is at the centre of the schools' decision making, and all planning revolves around the needs of students educationally, emotionally and socially,
  • There is rigor in the educational program provided, we are looking to achieve the best possible educational outcomes for all students
  • Students have the opportunity to experience an adult learning environment and undertake BOSTES approved courses, but in a very different educational setting, emphasising mutual respect and responsibility.
  • Skillset Senior College welcomes students who have been unable to find success in a conventional school environment.

Students will need real dedication to be at the school, and want to take a leading role in making a difference to their future. 

At Skillset Senior College we accept young people as they are, however they choose to express themselves.  A student shall not be discriminated against by either staff or other students because they do not fit into the 'norm'.  At the Skillset Senior College there is no 'norm' or mould to fit into.

Please take a moment to have a look at our aim, mission and philosophy to see if what we are aiming for might spark some interest in you. We believe in the power of great ideas facilitated by great teachers. Student engagement starts with the quality of the relationship between the learner and the teacher.

How do I Enrol?

Enrolment applications for young people going into Year 10 are now being taken.

Please Contact Us to learn more about the College and the enrolment process.


The Flannery Centre, 341 Havannah St,          Bathurst NSW 2795

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