About Us

About Us

Over 33 years experience helping young people succeed...

Skillset has operated in Bathurst for over 33 years starting out as Central West Group Apprentices in 1982. Since then Skillset has employed and trained through to completion thousands of apprentices and trainees across the region. In the 15 years from 2000 we have successfully completed 3078 apprentices in their nominated trade, who have gone on to contribute to keeping our skills base local and our regional trades supplied with quality trades professionals.

In 2012 Skillset cemented its commitment to the future of young people and the Bathurst community by building the Flannery Centre in the heart of the education precinct beside both CSU and TAFE. Since then, Skillset has delivered a range of education, workforce and environment programs from the Flannery Centre including the apprenticeship program, Low Income Energy Efficiency Program, Industrial Ecology Program, Green Army, Safer Driver Course and in Jan 2015 Skillset opened the Skillset Senior College provides an alternative pathway for years 10 to 12 education for over 70 local young people.

Everything Skillset does is committed to the future of our local community - our young people, our businesses and our environment.

Skillset - Education, Workforce, Environment. Your Future Our Focus.

As well as Skillset Senior College Skillset Education delivers the Roads and Maritime Services Safer Driver Course for L Platers. 


Skillset Workforce - provides apprentice, trainee, temporary and permanent recruitment and employment services to local businesses. This service delivers:

- Employment for local people.

- Training and skills development.

- Support for local businesses to attract, retain and train staff to deliver efficiency and productivity gains.

Skillset Environment - delivers a suite of services including: 

- Low Income Energy Efficiency Program targeted at reducing energy usage for low income apprentice households (link to Powerplay page)

- Green Army - targeted at employing and training young people and delivering environmental outcomes for local communities(link to Green Army page)

- Consultancy services 

Why a School?

Our experience supporting thousands of young people through their apprenticeships and traineeships has given us the knowledge and understanding of what must be in place to ensure successful transition to the workforce.

With this in mind, Skillset Senior College aims to use this knowledge to fill a need in the current educational offerings in the Bathurst region. Current national studies show that more than 16% of 15-19 year olds are not fully engaged in school, with early school leaving linked to increased likelihood of unemployment, underemployment, crime and ill-health (Te Riele, 2012). Skillset Senior College aims to re-engage young people with a love of learning that leads to better educational and life outcomes.

Our state of the art building, the Flannery Centre is situated in the education hub of Bathurst, with Charles Sturt University across the road and TAFE Western right next door. 

With the addition of trained, professional educators and students willing to take responsibility for their learning, Skillset Senior College aligns perfectly with Skillset's ethics, aims and objectives for the future.

So, what is Skillset Senior College?

A registered and accredited non-government school, an independent and private senior college that aims to offer all eligible young people the chance to complete their senior school education. We especially aim to include those whose lives may be complicated, challenging or require a particular understanding in order to achieve success.

It is:

  • An independent secondary senior college registered with the BOSTES NSW.
  • An education institution that offers a holistic & supportive approach for young people starting from year 10 through to year 12.
  • Flexible - we work with students to accommodate their needs and understand their individual differences.
  • Understanding - an individual approach to understanding that not all young people succeed with a conventional approach to learning and that barriers to education may have entrenched a reluctance to attend school.
  • Supportive - smaller class sizes, professional teachers and access to youth support services makes us ready to support student needs holistically.
  • A private school - there is an eligibility criteria and application procedure to determine who can attend.
  • A member of the Association of Independent Schools.

Let's bust some myths

The college isn't:

  • A behavioural school - this isn't a school that offers one on one behaviour intervention or high levels of behaviour modification.
  • We aren't going to tolerate everything - in fact sometimes, learning in an adult environment can be more challenging as the expectations for self-responsibility can be higher. 
  • This isn't the easy option - success still requires effort at Skillset Senior College, but it's the size, delivery method and environment that is different. Students who don't want to exert any effort may not find success at Skillset Senior College.
  • We don't accept everyone - we select students carefully through an application and interview process. It's about working together and wanting to succeed, so dedication is a must!

Contact Us today for enrolment information and to speak more about what the College offers.

How much will it cost?

The Skillset Senior College is an independent school, so it is fee-paying. However, at Skillset we don't want cost to be a barrier for young people to gain the education they wanted. Our fee is $40 per term, per student - so $160 for the year. Skillset also covers the bulk of the cost for excursions, teaching resources, consumables and guest speakers/trainers.


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