Who can enrol at Skillset Senior College?

Skillset Senior College accepts enrolments from students in Years 10 & 11, with a view to attaining the RoSA, and HSC.

The school welcomes students who have been unable to find success in a conventional school environment.

Our strength is in being able to provide a supportive and nurturing environment for students experiencing a range of challenges. These may include school refusal or poor attendance patterns, mental health concerns, homelessness, or complex social circumstances.

Students will need real dedication to be at the school, and will want to take a leading role in making a difference to their future. 

At Skillset Senior College young people will be accepted as they are, however they choose to express themselves.  Students are invited to participate in a community experience, free from discrimination by either staff or other students. No one is excluded because they do not fit into the 'norm' - instead, value is placed on the unique expression of self.  

Please take a moment to have a look at our aim, mission and philosophy to see if what we are aiming for might spark some interest in you. We believe in the power of great ideas facilitated by great teachers. Student engagement starts with the quality of the relationship between the learner and the teacher.

Please Contact Us to learn more about the College and the enrolment process.