Principal's Message

Principal Craig Randazzo

Principal Craig Randazzo

Principal's Message

Hello and welcome to the Skillset Senior College website. You may be looking at this site as a young person looking for a different learning environment, or you may be a parent or carer who is after a new approach or even a second chance for someone you care about a great deal.

Whatever your motivation might be, you are already engaged in an activity critical to success in education and in life… curiosity! It’s a key attribute of engaged learners, and a characteristic we strive to promote here at Skillset Senior College.

We welcome your questions and comments, if you are here to enquire about the Skillset Senior College as an alternative senior school option for either yourself or for your child or someone you are caring for, or even a neighbour or friend, I welcome your interest and can be contacted directly on 6330 1400 or email

At Skillset Senior College, we want to engage with young learners. We will do this by ensuring our teachers are constantly working towards self-improvement and their own learning from their colleagues and their students.

For the best student engagement, our teachers practice CORE practices:

Connect - with the students’ background;

Ownership - ensure that students have Ownership of what is being taught;

Respond - to the students' needs;

Empower - encourage students to see that education can make a difference to their lives (Zyngier, 2014).

As one leading educational psychologist puts it, it’s about the student connecting with the teacher as a person – the WHO; the relationship between how the student connects with the curriculum – the WHAT; and also about how all this is facilitated – the HOW:

We refer to this type of relational instruction as “connective instruction”. In fact, we liken a great lesson to a great musical composition: it takes a great singer (WHO), a great song (WHAT) and great singing (HOW).
— Prof. Andrew Martin Professor of Educational Psychology UNSW

I look forward to hearing from you, and please don’t hesitate to call me to discuss your current circumstances, concerns or questions. All enquiries are handled confidentially, but in an open and non-judgemental manner, with the student as the central focus.

Thank you and regards,

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Craig Randazzo BA (Psych., Ed.); Adv. Dip. Mgmt.; AIMM


Skillset Senior College
Ph: 6330 1400

About Craig

Craig is the CEO of Skillset Ltd., and the founding Principal of SSC. He has over 35 years’ workforce experience and has held leadership roles for over 24 years in a range of industries. Prior to joining Skillset in July 2013, Craig spent nearly 14 years as a member of the management team at Central West Community College (now VERTO Ltd), holding several senior roles including Deputy CEO, Chief Operating Officer and Senior Program Manager roles in vocational training, employment services and disability services. 

Craig has significant knowledge and experience in the vocational education, apprenticeship, disability and employment services industries.  He has worked in commercial recruitment and hospitality management in Sydney and has also operated his own wholesale food production business for nearly five years, securing national contracts with retailers such as David Jones.

Craig brings his experience working with young people as a case manager and trainer to the role of Principal of the Skillset Senior College. His valuable business skills and his passion for the life-changing power of education is being put to good use with the region’s newest senior school.

Craig is degree qualified from the University of Sydney with majors in Education and Psychology. He also has an Advanced Diploma of Management from the Australian Institute of Management and is a member of the Australian Institute of Management.